The best village in Portugal

Our third recommendation of a place worth visiting takes us further from Coimbra, as Cristina suggests a trip to the village of Escalhão in her region, Guarda…

I advise everyone in the world to visit my area:  Escalhão (a village), Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo (a town) and Guarda (a city).

Escalhão is a beautiful and peaceful village; one the biggest in the region and, in my opinion, the most cultural.

It’s a really happy place to visit in summer because there are many foreign visitors and traditional celebrations.  My village has a rural museum and a spectacular church.  It’s very pretty and full of history.

Very close to Escalhão is Barca d’Alva on the banks of the beautiful River Douro.  Here the landscape is lovely because the village, the mountains and the bridge are reflected in the river.  Believe me, it’s fantastic.  You should go there in Spring because there are almond blossom fairs (“Amendoeira em Flor” in Portuguese).

When you come, don’t forget your camera and water because it gets very hot in summer!

You’ll love it!

by Cristina

Some photos of the village and region


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