Pack your bags and pay a visit to Lousa

Continuing our series of posts from students studying in our summer intensive course at A1+/A2 level, with recommendations for places to visit around the Coimbra area, here’s Telma’s suggestion…

Lousá is a small town located in the countryside near Coimbra.  It is a quiet place, surrounded by natural beauty so, if you want to relax, you’ve got to go there.

You should stay for a few days to visit all the wonderful things there are here.  You can stay at The Palace Hotel (4 stars), or, if you prefer something more traditional, you should stay in the rural tourism houses and cottages that you can rent.

Lousá is located near some mountains where you can find some beautiful shale (or schist) villages.  These are lovely, so you really must visit them.

In the mountain range (Serra da Lousá) there are some wonderful views and beautiful sights.  You can see many different types of trees, flowers and animals so you need to bring a camera to take lots of pictures.

A view of the castle and surrounding forests from the mountains around Lousa

In the middle of the mountains there is a castle with an old legend and a natural pool with very cold water.  It’s a good idea to bring a swimming costume to find out how true that is!  You’ll also need comfortable clothes and sneakers to walk along the mountain paths.

There is also a great restaurant which serves typical Portuguese dishes.  It’s called O Burgo and you just have to eat there.  O Burgo was opened in 1989 and it has become a very popular and famous restaurant because it has quality traditional dishes from the region.  You’ll need to bring a lot of money because it isn’t very cheap but it is worth it.

Doesn’t all this sound fantastic?  You don’t want to miss out on this experience…visit Lousá soon!

By Telma.


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  1. Came across this article from the Travel section of The Birmingham Post newspaper which reports on a trip through the Beiras region taking in Lousa and Coimbra. Thought it might be a nice companion read to Telma’s text. Here’s the link:

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