The ideal 21st Century politician

As part of our current A1+/A2 summer intensive course, students read an adapted version of an apparently real text from a publication called Housekeeping Monthly which was published in 1955 (reading text from Gairns and Redman, Natural English Pre-Intermediate (OUP).  The article is titled The Good Wife’s Guide and gives advice to wives in the 1950’s about how to be the “ideal partner for your husband.”  Thankfully, the ideas seem very old-fashioned by today’s standards but they did inspire our students to write their own lists and texts for the 21st Century.  

To kick off our series of posts on this subject, here are Telma’s suggestions for an ideal 21st Century politician…

The ideal 21st Century politician…

  • should implement the ideas that were announced to voters
  • must be honest and do things that he/she promised to do before being elected
  • shouldn’t be concerned with or worried about what people think of him/her
  • must put his country’s interests above his/her personal interests
  • can’t be corrupt

by Telma.


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