The ideal 21st Century teenager

Continuing our series of posts on The ideal 21st Century…, here are Inês’s thoughts on what the ideal 21st Century teenager would be like…

In my opinion, the ideal 21st Century teenager…

  • should be responsible so that their parents will trust them
  • should be interested in what happens at school and worry about their marks
  • shouldn’t drink alcohol or use drugs
  • should tidy up his/her bedroom
  • should have an organised timetable

by Inês.






Filed under A1+/A2 Summer 2012 Intensive Course

2 responses to “The ideal 21st Century teenager

  1. The ideal 21st century teenager should make mistakes, learn from them and become the ideal 21st century adult. The teenager described above is going to realize they have lived their life being someone everyone else wants them to be rather than being the person they themselves wants to be

  2. sheribrandy

    I’m sorry but I disagree !!! Being a teenager isn’t about conforming – we do enough of that in real life

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