Room 101 – The world would be a better place if we didn’t have…

Supposing you had the chance to get rid of some of your worst nightmares.  The chance to extinguish things that really annoy you from the world forever.  What would they be?  Room 101 is a place where all the things that you hate can be banished.

During our July 2012 summer course our B2 level students gave some really entertaining and thought-provoking presentations about the things they would like to remove from the world to make it a better place.  They had to convince their classmates that the things they had chosen were worthless.  When you’ve read their ideas, I’m sure you’ll be able to imagine the lively debates that followed these presentations.

The first contribution questions the value of reality TV shows

I want to banish reality shows to Room 101 because they are really annoying.  Reality shows are just a group of people who spend all their time talking about things that don’t really matter.  Things like the lives of famous people, their own private lives, and other stupid, pointless things.

I think that people who take part in reality shows give up their private lives to be famous.  Everyone knows everything about them.  How sad!

Most of the time these people aren’t very intelligent and reality shows often become violent with a lot of arguments.

I can’t understand why people watch them.  If they were banished to Room 101, the world would be a better place and there would be more time for more interesting programmes on TV.

Did this proposal convince you?  Would the world be a better place if we didn’t have reality TV?  What about if we were to remove rich people from the world?  Here’s another presentation for you to consider…

I’d like to get rid of rich people.

I have two main reasons to support my idea.  Firstly, because rich people are so selfish and their hearts are so cold.  They can’t see the realities of the world they live in because they have everything they need and want.  Secondly, earning millions of dollars often has roots in corruption which has serious consequences for honest people.

We don’t need to be so rich.  We should be more equal and redistribute wealth to everyone.

If we removed wealthy people, the world would be a happier place because the distribution of money would be more equal.  People would be nicer to each other and we would have fewer wars in our world.

Our next proposal concerns another type of TV show.  This time it’s soap operas that are under scrutiny…

My idea is to get rid of soap operas.

Firstly because they are boring and they are all the same.  Secondly, because if we watch one episode per week we can understand everything that has been happening.  They are just so predictable!  Why do people waste their time watching them?  Everyone knows what’ll happen in the end.  The good characters get happy endings and bad people end up in prison or die.

What’s more, if soaps were taken off our screens, the world would be a happier place because these shows set really bad examples of behaviour to people that watch them.  For example, many people are influenced by what they watch and may start acting like the characters do in soaps.

A world without soaps would be a change for the better.

Last but not least, here is a proposal to rid the world of politicians

I’d like to get rid of politicians.

Firstly, because there are too many in our country and we don’t need so many.  Secondly, too often they don’t do what they promise to do when they are campaigning for election.  Finally, they often take advantage of their position.  Power leads to greed.

If politicians were removed from the world, people wouldn’t need to pay so much money to governments.  Fewer or no politicians at all would mean we wouldn’t need to pay their salaries.  This money could then be spent on helping poor people.  The money could be used to buy food and houses for those who need support.

So, four proposals for things which, if they didn’t exist, would make the world a better place.  How would you improve the world?


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