Pop song rewrites 2 – The only exception

Continuing our series of students’ rewrites of contemporary pop songs for Valentine’s Day 2012, here is a version of Paramore’s song The only exception.  Ladies and gentlemen, we bring you…

My Valentine, a rewrite of Paramore’s The only exception by Joana…

When I was single

I saw a pretty boy smile and laugh and sing

I blinked…and he watched

As I tried to get to know him better

And we, we both swore

That we would never forget that day

Because it was a special date

It was the fantastic Valentine’s Day

‘Cos darling, you are my Valentine (x 4)

Maybe we should go somewhere

Quiet and beautiful

Where love always lasts

And we’ve got to find that place

To go together or just not go at all

And I’ve always been like this

Living all alone without you

And up until now

It was perfectly okay

But then you came

And you screwed that up

Because you are just the one

That works for me

Well, you are my Valentine

I’ve got just you and nobody else

But I can’t show it, it’s so deep inside of me

I have just a lot of feelings

Stuck in my soul

But I know that I can count on you

You are my Valentine

And I want to really trust in you

Oh I want to really trust in you

And here’s the original which inspired this rewrite…


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