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Terrifying tales for Hallowe’en

Hello and Happy Hallowe’en from International House Santa Clara where this week our students have been writing horror stories.  Our first terrifying tale has a mystery at the heart of it…a mystery that remains unsolved.  It was inspired by this photograph

As soon as I picked up the phone the line went dead.  That’s when I saw a silhouette behind the glass door at the end of the corridor.  Suddenly, I heard the glass shattering and saw that the shadowy figure was moving slowly towards me!

Closer and closer it came.  I tried to run but my body was paralysed by fear.  It was a she and it kept on approaching.  Now I could see her hair, her mouth, her nose…but everything was horribly disfigured.

Soon she was only a metre away and still I couldn’t move a muscle.

She was standing right in front of me but what happened next I couldn’t tell you.  The only thing I remember is seeing her smile before she suddenly seemed to disappear with a gust of wind.  After that I must have passed out.

I woke up three days later in hospital with a broken leg and cuts on my body.

By João and Sofia

A spooky story from our vaults of terror – what could ‘she’ have been?  Maybe there is a rational explanation.  Or maybe…there isn’t!

Let’s turn now to another story of strange goings on.  This story was inspired by a different photo…a blurred image of a mysterious figure.  Is it a man?  Is it a woman?  No, it is…THE THING!

The Thing looked down upon the city below.  Where had it come from?  What would it do next?  Slowly, it walked into the darkness of the night.

It all started somewhere dark, in the middle of nowhere, where a scientist, obsessed with bringing life to the dead, had finally achieved his aim.  However, mistakes had been made.  Mistakes that had cost the scientist his life.  Terrible, terrible mistakes that could not be rectified.  That scientist, crazy with dreams of power, had created life from the dead.  The horrifying secret was, that he had forgotten to give his creation feelings, and instead it had a deep desire to kill!


Having escaped from the lab, The Thing walked into the woods searching for somebody.  Searching for blood!

My friends and I were out in the woods that Hallowe’en night.  We were having a great time singing songs around the fire, when suddenly the fire blew out.  We stopped singing and looked at each other.  Then, I saw something move, a silhouette in the shadows.

“What was that?!?”

“What?”  Replied everyone.

“I saw someone…something…”

Everyone started freaking out.

“Where did you see it?”

“What did it look like?”

“Who do you think it could be?”

“I don’t know!” I shouted.  “But it disappeared into the night!”

Our blood ran cold.

“Look!  Footprints!”

We followed the strange footprints into the forest, they eventually led us to the city.

Duh de duh duh duuuuuuuurrrrrrhhhhh!  What terror will The Thing bring?  Will the friends be able to save the city before it becomes a ghost town?  We’ll never know unless Andre, Inês and João write part 2 of this story!

And so to our final story.  Once again we return to the photograph of the phone, the corridor and the mysterious figure…(photo)  But before you read, be warned!  It’s a tale so terrifying, so frightening, so horrific that you must promise not to read it at bedtime.  If you do, you’ll never get to sleep…

On that night all the corridors were empty.  I was only there because I’d heard the phone ringing.  However, just as I got there, it stopped.  Suddenly a silhouette appeared out of the darkness.  I saw it moving in my direction.  It was holding a long, sharp knife!

Just then, the figure stopped.  He pulled some bread from out of his pocket and started spreading butter on it with the knife.  I couldn’t believe it wasn’t margarine!

By Joana and Mariana

That brings us to an end of our Hallowe’en tales for this evening.  We hope you’ve enjoyed them!

Photo references: What kind of a beast is this by Brad Patterson @ ELT pics on Flickr intruder alert!  call security!  by AndreasS on Flickr


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