Summer Study Ideas – Teens 8, Upper-Intermediate and FCE (Cambridge First) (B1+ / B2)

Some summer study ideas for students on or going into B2 level courses in the next academic year (preparation for Cambridge First).

Grammar and vocabulary / Use of English

Speaking and pronunciation

  • Watch a video of a Cambridge English: First speaking exam with a commentary from the Pearson Exams Place (scroll down the page to find the video).
  • The BBC Learning English website has videos and activities to help you improve your pronunciation
  • Focus on word stress with this game:  Stress Monsters
  • English File (OUP) Pronunciation activities:  Intermediate + and Upper Intermediate
  • Games to help you practise pronunciation at the Phonetics Focus website
  • Spoken Skills is a website which allows you to practise pronunciation by listening and recording sentences including particular vowel or consonant sounds, functional language for presentations, telephone dialogues, and intonation.  This menu page has links to various things.  Browse, find something you’re interested in practising and give it a try (to record, allow the page to access the mirophone on your computer).



  • Listen and Write is a great place on the web to practise listening skills and hear about the news.  Try some of the dictation activities at different levels (try something at level 10 to start off and move up from there).  This site is free but you’ll have to create an account to get the most out of it (click on:  “sign up”).
  • is an English Listening text library with activities.  Find something you’re interested in and practise your listening skills with a variety of accents.
  • Follow news stories in English with BBC News: One-minute World News video.

Cambridge English:  First – Exam Practice

  • We have a wealth of resources within the school available for our students to use.  Why not take advantage of our summer opening hours in July and September to come in and do some practice with our extra resource books and CDs?
  • Full exam papers are available to download on the Cambridge English website.  Click on “Where can I find sample papers?” on the following pages:  First  First for Schools (FCE level but aimed at younger learners)
  • Flo-joe provides online practice for Cambridge Exams:
  • If your study group has an online group set up on edmodo ( remember to check the page for any quizzes, assignments, posts that you may have missed during the year and anything we post during the summer months.  Let us know if you need your password resetting or if you don’t have the group code to access the site:

Things to follow on Facebook

You might find these pages on facebook worth following…

Keep visiting this page as we’ll be updating and adding more links during the summer.


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One response to “Summer Study Ideas – Teens 8, Upper-Intermediate and FCE (Cambridge First) (B1+ / B2)

  1. Some new links added today:
    1) check out the links to Tiny TEFL teacher (at the end of the Gramar, vocabulary and Use of English section for some word formation practice (useful for Cambridge First, Use of English, Part 3).
    2) links to linking word practice added in the Writing section above.

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