Summer Study Ideas – Elementary (A2)

Some study ideas to help keep your English fresh during the summer.

  • Review grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and practical English phrases from your course with the English File websites:  New English File Elementary New English File Third Edition
  • Word order:  order the words as you hear them using the New Headway Online phrase builder
  • Listen and Write is a great place on the web to practise listening skills and hear about the news.  Try some of the dictation activities at different levels (try something at level 3 or 4 to start off and move up from there).  This site is free but you’ll have to create an account to get the most out of it (click on:  “sign up”).
  • Reading and vocabulary – learn the 1,000 most frequent words in English with activities based on short texts at GCF
  • Take this grammar challenge on the BBC Learning English website
  • Pronunciation:  Work through these Phonetics Focus activities
  • Simple English Videos – short, easy to follow video lessons which focus on commonly confused words and grammar patterns.  Really helpful!

Keep returning to this page as we’ll update it during the summer with more ideas.


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