Summer Study Ideas – Teens 7

Some links to games and activities which will help keep your English fresh during the summer.

  • Word Building – test your vocabulary: nouns and adjectives with this game from Project 5 by OUP
  • Download a full Preliminary (B1) exam from the Cambridge English website.  Work through it and check your answers in the key.  Cambridge English:  Preliminary  Cambridge English Preliminary for Schools
  • The BBC Learning English website has videos, audio and activities to help you improve your pronunciationgrammar and vocabulary and listening
  • Listen and Write is a great place on the web to practise listening skills and hear about the news.  Try some of the dictation activities at different levels (try something at levels 7 or 8 to start off and move up from there).  This site is free but you’ll have to create an account to get the most out of it (click on:  “sign up”).
  • Games to help you practise pronunciation at the Phonetics Focus website
  • Lyrics Training – test your listening skills and build your vocabulary with songs
  • Simple English Videos – short, easy to follow video lessons which focus on commonly confused words and grammar patterns.  Really helpful!

Keep checking this page as we’ll keep adding more ideas during the summer.


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