B1 Summer 2013 – Romantic stories

Three love stories from students studying on our summer 2013 B1 course…

It wasn’t meant to be

I was drawn to him from the first time I saw him.  I still remember our first look during a train journey.  He looked at me and gave me a big smile.  Then he came up to me and asked my name.  After that, we exchanged phone numbers and from that time we kept in touch regularly.

A few weeks later we started a relationship.

He was very gracious and polite but sometimes we had arguments because he spent a lot of money on clothes, cars and other expensive things.  In this aspect he was the opposite of me.

After 5 years we split up when he was preparing to ask me if I wanted to marry him.

I have to accept that I will never truly understand why he spent a lot of money on things that weren’t a priority for me in life.

Now the best thing I can do is to continue with my life and I know that one day I will marry the man I am meant for.


Forever a star

My name is Lea and this is my story.

I was drawn to Cory from the first time I saw him in Glee.  We were there for an audition and we both managed to get through it.  At first we just talked about our job and how fantastic it would be to work together but after we started to hang out and two months later we were in a relationship.

I will never forget these two years with Cory.

We were going to get married but he died three months before the wedding.

I really miss him but I know that he’s still looking at me.  I still love him and I think I always will.

The positive side is that I already have a star in the sky.


Love at the airport

Four years ago I was the airport going to London when I saw a beautiful girl.  From that moment I was immediately drawn to her.  I tried to not lose sight of her and to find out which plane she would take.  I discovered that she was going to London.

When I boarded the plane I tried to sit beside her and I managed to get the seat I wanted.  We spent all the flight talking and I discovered we had a lot in common.  I was going to London for an interview for a job and she was going to see a friend.  When the plane landed and we left the airport we exchanged numbers and we sent a lot of messages to one another.

My application for the job was accepted and she decided to stay in London to look for a job too.  We started dating and a year later we decided to share a flat in London.

I really can’t imagine living without her.


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