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An article about an interesting hobby: Dancing – A great way to boost confidence and stay healthy

We were so impressed by the following article, written by Mariana, one of our students at B2 level,  that we thought we’d share it on our blog.  She was asked to write an article describing an interesting hobby for someone who knew very little about it.  Enjoy!

Dancing – A great way to boost confidence and stay healthy

If you’ve always wondered about dancing but never tried it, I can strongly recommend it.  Getting fit, getting healthy, having fun, meeting people, gaining confidence, getting rid of stress;  these are things that most of us want from a hobby these days and you can have them all simply by taking a step onto the dance floor!

There are plenty of different types of dance, such as Belly Dancing, Latin or Hip-Hop, but they all have something in common. They not only exercise a wide variety of your muscles but also, most importantly, exercise your mind and help you unwind for a couple of hours.

Another point about dancing is that your confidence increases faster than you would ever have thought, due to the fact you can control your body and express yourself through it.  Though it takes time for you to get that confidence, once you get it, you’ll definitely feel so much comfortable in your skin.

Dancing can be hard, true, but it is also worth it in the end and great fun from day one.  What are you waiting for?  Take that first step!


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