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Sally’s Phone – A2

Many countries around the world are celebrating World Book Day today.  To mark the occasion we’re publishing a piece of creative writing by students in our A2 Elementary class.  The text below is a continuation of the story Sally’s Phone by Christine Lindop, a graded reader from Oxford University Press.  An extract from this story is published in the course book we use at this level, English File Third Edition Elementary by Christina Latham-Koenig, Clive Oxenden and Paul Seligson (OUP, 2012).

File 6A is all about reading in English and has an extract from a graded reader called Sally's Phone.

File 6A is all about reading in English and has an extract from a graded reader called Sally’s Phone.

Before reading the continuation of the story by our students, you can read the extract which we read in class here:  Extract from Sally’s Phone

The story continues…

Sally knows that she has the wrong phone so she starts to think about how this happened.  She remembers what happened at the café and then she decides to phone her own number.  She speaks to Paul…


“Hi, Paul speaking.”

“My name’s Sally…er, I’m calling because you have my mobile phone and I have yours.”

“Ahh!  Now I understand why I had calls from strangers this afternoon,” said Paul.

“I think it happened in the café this afternoon.  You picked up my phone and I picked up yours.”

“Yes, that’s it!” said Paul.

“Your sister called and said she’s having a party tonight at her house…”

“Ah!  Okay!  Um…. I don’t want to go alone… er, do you want to come with me and we can exchange phones.”

“Okay, it’s a good opportunity to wear my new skirt that I bought today… Where is your sister’s house?” Sally asked.

“We can meet at the same café and go together, okay?”

“Okay, sounds good.  At seven o’clock?”

“Sure, that’s perfect.  See you later.”


So, could romance be in the air for Sally and Paul?  What do you think happens next?  Why not write your own continuation of the story in the comment box below?

Happy World Book Day!


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