After the fairy tale…

Ever wondered what happened to Snow White after her fairy tale wedding?  Inspired by artist Dina Goldstein‘s Fallen Princesses, specifically her vision of “Snowy“, some of our B2 students came up with these short stories to tell us what went wrong…


They were supposed to have lived happily ever after but soon everything started to go wrong.   Married life had been going well until Snow White discovered that The Prince had developed a gambling addiction and had lost thousands on horse racing.  To make matters worse, rather than going out and getting a job he would spend all day drinking beer.  By the time they had been married five years, they had already had five children and no money to pay the rent on the castle.  This meant they had to move out and live in a tiny house.


They were supposed to have lived happily ever after but soon everything started to go wrong.  Shortly after the wedding, The Royal Family declared bankruptcy.  At first The Prince tried to be a loving, caring husband but it soon became clear that Snow White didn’t truly love him.  In fact, she had only really married him for his money.  One day, she decided to leave home to hunt for another rich prince but her husband discovered the plan.  He locked her in their house and forced her to serve him and look after their children ‘until death do them part’.




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  1. The idea behind this activity was to get students using a range of narrative forms to move back in time from when the picture of “Snowy” was taken. Asking them to describe the events that had taken place after the wedding paved the way for incorporating structures like the past perfect simple and continuous.

    For more teaching ideas exploiting fairy tales as a means for developing story writing, check out IH Torres Vedras teachers Jennifer Hillhouse and Sarah Cross’s slides from IH Teachers Online Conference in May ’13:

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