World Cup 2014: Predictions for Portugal – The results

In the build up to the World Cup in Brazil, we asked our students at International House Santa Clara how they thought Portugal would perform in their Group G matches in Ghana.  Unfortunately, it has to be said that the predictions were far more optimistic than the team’s actual performances but that’s been the nature of this tournament so far, hasn’t it?  How many people would have thought that Spain and Italy, finalists in the European Championships, would fail to reach the second round?  And lets not even mention England, shall we?

Anyway, let’s take a look at how our students’ predictions compared to what actually happened…

Match 1:  Portugal v Germany

Portugal v Germany predictions - World Cup 2014

Portugal v Germany predictions – World Cup 2014

Most people expected this one to be much tighter than it turned out to be with 2-1 to Portugal or 2-1 to Germany being the most popular predictions.  In the end, although nobody saw the final result, 4-0 to Germany, coming, 35 people did correctly predict a Germany win.

Match 2:  Portugal v USA

World Cup 2014 in Brazil, predictions for Portugal v the USA.

World Cup 2014 in Brazil, predictions for Portugal v the USA.

It all started so well for Portugal against the USA when Nani scored that early goal but you have to give the Americans credit for the way they fought back to take a 2-1 lead.  It was 95th minute when that Varela managed to keep the dream alive for Portugal by equalizing in the final minute.  Have you seen the video of how one of Portugal’s biggest fans reacted to this goal?

11% of our students correctly predicted that this match would finish in a draw.  Of those, four people correctly said that it would finish 2-2.

Match 3:  Portugal v Ghana

Portugal v Ghana predictions, World Cup 2014

Portugal v Ghana predictions, World Cup 2014

The draw against the US meant Portugal still had a chance of qualifying if they could win convincingly against Ghana and the result in the Germany v USA match went their way.  Before the tournament this was the match that most of our students felt most confident about Portugal winning.  In the end, although Portugal managed a 2-1 victory, it wasn’t enough and the team headed home…

21 of the students we asked before the tournament said that this match would end in a 2-1 victory for Portugal.

So, who is Santa Clara’s equivalent of Paul the Psychic Octopus?

Based on a points system of 1 point for predicting the correct result (win, defeat, or draw) and 5 points for the correct score (2-2, 2-1, etc.), here are International House Santa Clara’s football prediction experts…

In joint 3rd position, with 7 points:  Rita from Kiddies 2, João Paulo from Teens 4, Ana Sofia from Teens 4, Nicola from Teens 6, Ana Sofia from Teens 6, and Inês from Advanced.

In 2nd position, with 8 points:  Margarida from Teens 6.

Finally, in 1st position, with an impressive 11 points, João Carlos from Teens 8, who correctly predicted a Germany victory in the first match, a 2-2 against the USA and a 2-1 win against Ghana.

Still want more?

If you’ve still got World Cup fever, why not leave us a comment here in the blog about which team has impressed you most at the World Cup and which team you think’s going to go on to win it?

Want to know how the English language media covered Portugal at the World Cup?  Head over to our pinterest page for loads of links to texts in English relating to the Portuguese team.










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