The best films to watch this summer

Are you looking for a good film to watch during the summer holidays?  Maria, Carla and Joana from our Summer A2+ course share their reviews of films worth watching this summer…

The Fault In Our Stars

My favourite film is The Fault In Our Stars, a romantic film.  It’s a fantastic film but it’s sad too!  The stars of this film are Sharlene Woodley and Ansel Elgort.

The film is set in Pittsburgh and Amsterdam.  Hazel Grace is a teenage girl, who is sixteen-years old, and is trying to accept a health problem.  She has lung cancer and so does her friend, Augustus, who comes to be her boyfriend.  The film tells the story of their relationship, how they try to live with cancer and a trip they take to visit a writer that Hazel loves.

This film is based on a book by John Green.  The book is also fabulous and the film is faithful to the book.  The soundtrack is very good.  The music is relaxing and this makes the film more interesting.

So, if you like romantic films which make you cry, go to the cinema and see it.

By Maria

Now You See Me

My favourite film is Now You See Me.  It’s a crime story/thriller which is full of suspense.  It’s an extraordinary film with an excellent cast.  The leading actors are Jesse Eisenburg, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco.

The film is about four magicians who rob a bank using magic.  The magicians join up because each of them mysteriously receives a card with a different symbol on it.  One day the four magicians, who have never met before, come together at the same meeting place.  The plot is about how they learn how to rob a bank and then give the money to the audience at their show.

I love this film because the actors are amazing and the story is fantastic.

By Carla

The Mortal Instruments:  City of Bones

My favourite film is City of Bones, a film which is both a fantasy and a romantic movie.  It’s a fantastic film.  It stars Lily Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers, Godfrey Gao and other famous actors.

The film is set in America.  Clary Fray is a typical teenager and lives with her mother Jocelyn.  One night she goes to a disco with her best friend, Simon and she meets the Shadowhunters:  Jace, Alex and Izzy (Isabelle).  Two days after that night, her mother goes missing and she finds out that her mother was a Shadowhunter and that she is too.  She starts to believe in vampires and ware wolves and other magic people.  She also discovers that her father is alive and that he is the worst and most famous person in the magic world.  It’s a teenage love story, drama and a comedy, all in one film.

City of Bones was made in 2013.  It was written by Jessica Paquette and directed by Harald Zwart.

I love watching this film because the story is great.

By Joana


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