Nobody believed me until… Teens Summer: Story Writing

Stories written by our 3 A2+ students on our Teens Summer Course at International House Santa Clara in July 2014…

It happened about three years ago.  I was having a picnic with a group of friends in Central Park, New York when I saw someone sitting on a towel who looked just like Barack Obama.  I couldn’t see him very well but I was certain it was him.  My friends weren’t so sure.  They didn’t believe me and started laughing at me.

While I was waiting for the other people to finish eating, the person who I thought was Barack Obama stood up.  I saw his face and it was really him.  I stood up to ask him for his autograph.  He was very friendly and chatted to me for a long time.  When I said good bye, my friends ran to me to tell me they were sorry because they hadn’t believed me.


It happened two months ago.  I was shopping when I saw Britney Spears.  I couldn’t believe it!

I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to get her autograph so I went up to her and asked her for her signature.  Unfortunately, she told me she didn’t give autographs but she said she would take a selfie with me.

When I arrived home, I explained why I was late to my parents and they said I was crazy.  Finally, I showed them the selfie and they were very surprised.


It happened last year.  I was having lunch with my cousin in an Italian pizzeria when I saw someone at the corner table who looked just like Jared Leto.

I couldn’t see him very well because there were some people between us.  However, during the meal he turned around to talk to two other people and I saw they were Shannon and Tomo, the other members of Thirty Seconds to Mars.  I saw his face and I knew it was Jared.  Wonderful!  I told my cousin but he asked me if I was feeling sick!

I went to the table and I asked if they could sign my T-shirt and I took a lot of photos of them.  Even more incredibly, Jared gave me his necklace with the symbol of Thirty Seconds to Mars.  When I showed my cousin, he was so surprised he fainted.


Jared gave me his necklace with the symbol of Thirty Seconds to Mars.


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