Summer Writing Ideas 2014: an Article and an Essay

This is the second post in our series of writing tasks for our students to try out over the summer.  (Click here for the first post).

This post sets up two writing tasks based on some survey results about important modern inventions.  In a recent survey, British people were asked to which inventions or gadgets had most changed their lives.  You can read the results of the survey by clicking this link:  ipad, washing machine and toaster named as life-changing gadgets

Do you agree with the results?  Was there anything you consider to be important that was missing?  Which of the technological gadgets do you find most useful and why?

If you’re interested in this topic, why not try out one or even both of the writing tasks below…

Task 1:  An Article

An English magazine for students is publishing a series of articles on technology called…

Life-changing gadgets I couldn’t live without

Write an article about one or two inventions that play a key role in your life.  In your article you should explain:

  • why it/they are so important to you
  • how often you use it/them
  • what you use it/them for
  • what life would be like without this piece/these pieces of technology


Task 2:  An Essay

You’ve recently been discussing modern technology in your English class.  Your teacher has now asked you to write an essay about a gadget or invention which has profoundly influenced people’s lives for both the better and the worse.

To complete this task you need to:

  1. Choose an invention which has brought both advantages and disadvantages to our lives
  2. Talk about ways in which it has influenced life for the better
  3. Talk about ways in which it has influenced life for the worse

Interested in giving one of these tasks a go?  If so, get writing!  If you’re an International House Santa Clara student, you can send your text(s) to us by email: and we will write back with feedback on your text.  We’ll also publish the best texts on our blog!

Notes for learners on writing Articles and Essays

Candidates taking Cambridge English:  First, Advanced (up until Dec ’14 but not from Jan ’15) or Proficiency could be asked to write Articles in Part 2 of the Writing paper.

Essays will be the compulsory Part 1 Writing task at Cambridge First from Jan ’15 and a possible option in the Part 2 section until Dec ’14.  They are also the compulsory text type for Advanced (from Jan ’15) and Proficiency.

For details of the Advanced exam Writing paper from 2015, check out this video from flo-joe:



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