Fantasty dinner party

The fantasy dinner party

If you could invite 10 people from any point in history to join you for a dinner party, who would you invite?  Students on our July 2014 Speaking Skills topic discussed this topic in class and here are some of their summaries from these conversations…

Margarida’s guest list

My initial suggestions were…

  • Lana Del Rey, for the reason that she’s a great singer (not to mention the fact that I’m a big fan of hers)
  • Amy Winehouse, due to the fact that, despite her death, she continues to be an icon as well as having been a fantastic singer.
  • Chloe Grace Moretz, on account of the fact that I’d really like to meet this actress.
  • Dylan O’Brien, who comes across as being a really funny person (but it also helps that he’s absolutely gorgeous!).

My classmate, Inês, suggested that we should invite Bob Marley, and I would also like to get a personal insight into his perspective on the world.  She also suggested Angelina Jolie, but I was afraid that if I met her I would stop liking her.  As many people have said before, sometimes it’s dangerous to meet your heroes.

After lots of debate, our final list was:

We’d sit people who are well-known for the same reasons together:  writers next to other writers etc.


Marisa’s guest list

My original suggestions for the people I’d invite for the dinner party were:

  • Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa
  • César Mourão
  • Pete Tha Zouk
  • Cristiano Ronaldo

I’d invite Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa due to the fact that he is a good cook and he will make an excellent meal for the guests.  Although I don’t know him, I reckon he’s a polite and trustworthy person.

César Mourão is a good Portuguese comedian and he’ll entertain the guests.  This is the reason why I chose him.

Pete Tha Zouk is a Portuguese DJ.  I think it makes complete sense to invite him.  After all, every good party has great music.  With him there, the guests can dance all night after dinner.

I’d invite Cristiano Ronaldo because he’s well-known not only as a footballer but also because he’s helped several charities.  He could talk about this and at the same time will encourage others to do the same.

One of my classmates suggested inviting Luis de Matos, a great Portuguese magician.  I completely agree with her.  He’ll provide even more entertainment for the guests.

My final list, after talking to my classmates was the following:

  • Chef Henrique Sá Pessoa
  • Amy Winehouse
  • Lana del Rey
  • Bob Marley
  • Peter Tha Zouk
  • Queen Santa Isabel
  • Luis de Matos
  • Eça de Queirós (writer)

Some of these people came from my classmate’s suggestions.

Regarding the seating plan, we decided to put Henrique Sá Pessoa and Queen Santa Isabel on opposite sides of the table.  All the musicians will sit on the same side and the others will sit in front of them.  This way everybody will be able to talk about things they have in common.

I hope the dinner party goes well.


Inês’ guest list

It’s my dinner party and I have to make the guest list.

To start, I want to invite Angelina Jolie for the obvious reason that she’s my favourite actress and I think that she’d have a lot of stories from her many trips around the world.  I’d also have One Direction on the list because they played an important part in my youth.  I’d also invite Bob Marley for the reason that he would be the life and soul of the party.  He had a different way of seeing the world and I admire that.  I would probably also send an invitation to John Green because he’s the writer of my favourite book and due to the fact that I would like to know more about him.  To finish, I’d love to invite Ansel Elgort.  Not only because he’d be a good bit of eye candy but also because he’s done so many amazing things:  being an actor, a top model and a DJ.  This would be my top 5!



  • to come across as – to make a particular impression.  I don’t know him personally but he comes across as being really friendly.
  • eye candy – nice to look at!
  • well-known for – famous for
  • the life and soul of the party – the most amusing, entertaining person at a party
  • outlook – the attitude to life that someone has – He’d be interesting to talk to because he had a different outlook on life…  (way of seeing the world / perspective of the world)

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