C1: Article – A Portuguese Icon: José Rodrigues dos Santos

The second in our series of articles on well-known representatives of Portugal by students in our C1:  Advanced course profiles writer José Rodrigues dos Santos.

Portugal’s Contemporary Literary Giant

Throughout its history Portugal has produced some incredible talents in the field of literature.  Featured among these are Fernando Pessoa, Luis Camões and Eça de Queiros, to name but a few.  In my opinion, the most representative person of Portugal today is José Rodrigues dos Santos, who is a bestselling author known internationally and whose writing has enriched Portuguese literature even further.

José Rodrigues dos Santos was born in Mozambique and studied in The University of Lisbon. In addition to currently presenting the news on television, he also writes acclaimed novels.  He has published a considerable number of books, all of which I highly recommend. His novels have crossed all seas and are being published in about 20 different languages.

For those of you who enjoy reading, José’s novels are brilliant, very well structured and catch the readers’ attention.  I believe that what sets him apart is his commitment and the hard work put in while researching his novels.  Most of his books are fiction but their backgrounds are based on real facts.  I recall one particular book of his that left me rather stunned.  The book is called “The Last Secret” and although I am not very a religious person it showed me how the church misled the public to believe in certain events that did not happen.  With this example I mean to show that the unveiling of the truth is one of the reasons why his books stand out.

As far as I am concerned, José presents a positive image that can encourage young people to read more and appreciate the work of others. I also believe that through his books, Portugal will be recognized even more widely than it already is.  From what I hear on television and in the streets, everyone admires José and thinks he represents our country very well.  All in all, I can think of no one better than Jose – one of my favourite writers and a Portuguese icon. Long may he continue to write!

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