IHSC collocation challenge 29/11/14: a/an ….. in price(s)

If you want to test your vocabulary and learn more about which words frequently combine with other words, our new series of collocation challenges can help.

Our collocation challenge today focuses on this pattern:

a/an (noun) in + price(s)

In our C1: Advanced class yesterday afternoon we came across the following collocations:

a drop in price(s)

a drop in the price of

a drop in costs

a drop in the cost of

When searching the frequency of the word drop in the pattern a/an + noun + in + price(s), drop was the seventh most frequent noun in that position (equal in frequency to decline and movement).

The challenge we’re setting for you is to come up with one or more of the 6 nouns that were most frequent in the phrase:

a/an __________ in price(s)

If you’ve thought of some nouns that you think might fit, click this link to test your theory and play our Collocation Challenge Family Fortunes game:

Collocation Challenge 29/11/14 – a/an _____ in price(s)

Check back on Monday to find the answers in the comments boxes.

Frequency data comes from StringNet Navigator 3.0



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2 responses to “IHSC collocation challenge 29/11/14: a/an ….. in price(s)

  1. Here are the answers to our collocation challenge from 29th Nov 14:
    a/an ….. in price(s).
    Our search on the knowledgebase StringNet revealed that the 6 nouns which most frequently fill this gap were (in order of frequency):
    1) rise
    2) increase
    3) change
    4) difference
    5) reduction
    6) fall
    Check out the blog later this week for another collocation challenge with another Family Fortunes game to play.

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