IHSC Collocation Challenge 10/12/14: 1 word into 7 sentences

Today’s collocation challenge asks you to think of ONE word which completes the gap in all SEVEN of the sentences below.  We’ll post the answer in the comments box in the next few days unless someone beats us to it!  Check back in a few days to find out the answer.

To my surprise she


me aside and asked if she could have a private word with me.

The train


slowly into the station.



her inspiration from her childhood experiences.

The exhibition


over half a million people to the gallery over a 9 month period.

The report


the conclusion that there was a clear link between levels of crime and levels of poverty in society.

I spent a lot on my daughter’s wedding but I


the line at hiring a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce to take her to the registry office!

The taxi


up outside the house.


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2 responses to “IHSC Collocation Challenge 10/12/14: 1 word into 7 sentences

  1. The word that fits all 7 sentences is DREW.

    draw someone aside = move somebody away from others to talk to them privately
    (a train) draws into (a station) = move in the direction of
    draw inspiration from something = take / obtain inspiration from a particular source
    draw a conclusion = reach / arrive at a certain opinion after studying or thinking about something
    draw the line at something = set a limit / refuse to do something
    (a car) drew up (outside my house) = arrive / stop

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