Collocation challenge 16/2/15 – Get over + noun

Today’s collocation challenge focuses on some nouns that collocate with the phrasal verb get over and some different meanings of this phrasal verb.

First, look at these different definitions for get over:

  1. deal with or gain control of something (synonym:  overcome)
  2. return to your usual state of health or happiness etc. (similar to recover)
  3. make something clear to somebody (if you get something over to someone, you communicate your message clearly)

Definitions adapted from Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries online

Now for today’s challenge.  Match the nouns in the outer circle of the image below according to meanings 1, 2 or 3.

Nouns which collocate with the phrasal verb 'get over'.

Nouns which collocate with the phrasal verb ‘get over’.

Check back on this page in a few days’ time to see the answers.


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One response to “Collocation challenge 16/2/15 – Get over + noun

  1. Meanings 1 & 2: shock, problem, loss, death, pain, difficulty, break-up, incident, disease, distress, trauma, disappointment, tragedy.
    Meaning 1: mountain
    Meaning 3: Get the message over to someone, get the point over, get an idea over to someone

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