-ing form and infinitive – Homestudy for First MW – 11/3/15

Here are some links to short online activities (with answers) to practise verbs in the -ing and infinitive form.  You don’t have to do all of them at once or even all of them.  Work through them gradually until you think you’ve mastered* this aspect of grammar.  Make a note of any questions you have about any of the exercises and bring them to class next week for us to look at.

*to master something = learn or understand something completely

  1. Add a missing word to each sentence (from Natural English Upper-Intermediate, OUP)
  2. Gerunds (or nouns) after prepositions – choose the correct word (More 4, CUP)
  3. Choose the correct answer (multiple-choice) (from New English File Upper-Intermediate, OUP)
  4. Correct the mistake (from English Result Upper-Intermediate, OUP)
  5. Choose the 6 verbs which can go with both the infinitive and -ing (FCE Result, OUP)
  6. Choose between gerund and infinitive (with and without to) WARNING – this is a rather violent game!

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