Collocation challenge 24/4/15: Binomial challenge 1

The building work will take more or less a month to complete.

Her presentation was short and sweet – it only lasted about 10 minutes but she got in everything she needed to include.

I’ve booked a holiday in the countryside this summer.  I’m really looking forward to enjoying the peace and quiet and getting away from the city.

Sooner or later they’ll realise what a silly mistake they’ve made. 

The underlined pairs of words above are examples of binomials – words which often appear together joined by a conjunction (e.g. and) or a preposition in a fixed order (e.g. it’s always more or less not less or more).

Today’s collocation challenge includes a test of some of these pairs.

The challenge:  choose a pair of words from the image to complete sentences  1-10.  We’ll publish the answers in a few days in the comments section.

1)  I won’t explain everything that happened in the meeting but the __________ of it is that we’ve successfully negotiated an extension of the contract.

2)  Having grown up in the countryside it was quite hard to get used to the __________ of city life when I first moved here.

3)  The closure of the train station has left many commuters who relied on the train for getting to work __________.

4)  It’s __________ with him – he either plays brilliantly or he seems completely useless!

5)  It was __________.  If I didn’t tell her how I felt now, I knew I never would.  I took a deep breath and…

6)  Working to tight deadlines is __________ of my job.

7)  He expects his mum to be at his __________ 24/7.

8)  People came from __________ to see the exhibition.

9)  Local residents have been fighting __________ to prevent the closure of the station in their village.

10)  Considering its age the car is in pretty good condition – just a few scratches, you know, a little __________ around the bodywork.


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One response to “Collocation challenge 24/4/15: Binomial challenge 1

  1. 1) long and short – the long and (the) short of it = the essential facts
    2) hustle and bustle – noise and activity, especially in a city
    3) high and dry – if you’re ‘left high and dry’, you’re in a difficult situation without much hope
    4) all or nothing
    5) now or never
    6) part and parcel – if something is part and parcel of something, it is a strong feature of it and something that can’t be avoided
    7) beck and call – willing and able to serve/do something for someone whenever they ask you to
    8) far and wide – travelled long distances
    9) tooth and nail – if you “fight tooth and nail”, you try very hard to get something you want
    10) wear and tear – damage that’s the result of normal use

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