Collocation challenge 28/4/15 – verb + against

Today’s collocation challenge explores verbs which appear with the preposition against.

Start by making complete sentences from columns A, B, C and D.  Use the grammatical and vocabulary clues in columns A, B and D to help you do this (e.g. tenses, pronouns, related words etc.)

Then, think about the verbs and phrases in columns B and C and try to work out their meaning from the context of the whole sentence.  If you need to check them, look them up in an online dictionary.

Next, cover column B.  Test whether you can remember the verb which goes into each sentence.

After that, cover all the columns except column A.  Can you reconstruct the whole sentence?

Finally, write your own example sentences with the verbs you think are useful to learn and try to use the verbs in your next class or writing assignment.

verb + against


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One response to “Collocation challenge 28/4/15 – verb + against

  1. The medical council has advised people against taking the drug…
    (advise someone against something / advise against doing something = tell someone they shouldn’t do something

    The new radio quiz, Beat the Teacher, gives young contestants the chance to pit their pits against their teachers…
    (pit your wits against someone = see if you can be cleverer than someone)

    A member of The Green Party spoke out against the building of a hotel complex on an undeveloped stretch of the coastline.
    (speak out against = express opposition to something)

    The dark ruins of the castle stood out against the evening sky.
    (if something stands out against something, it is clearly visible)

    Party members are worried that the scandal will weigh against their candidates in the election.
    (weigh against = influence someone negatively)

    He’s held a grudge against his old boss…
    (hold a grudge against someone = have a strong feelings of anger and dislike for someone that you have for a long time)

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